About Paediatrics.co.uk

Paediatrics.co.uk has been created by doctors for junior doctors working in paediatrics - from A&E FY2 doctors through to specialist paediatrics trainees.

We want to make it quick and easy to find concise information to help look after children in paediatrics, and to reduce errors by offering easy-to-use calculators and reference material.

Our paediatrics checklists are aimed at doctors on the frontline, who are making quick diagnoses and management decisions in acute paediatrics. A checklist is designed to help you remember critical things that will be important in diagnosing or managing a condition - they are not intended to replace local guidelines, nor should they.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know - this site is a work in progress! Equally if you spot any mistakes, please let us know so we can correct them.

Best wishes,

The Paediatrics.co.uk Team