Neonatal Intensive Care Home

Useful information and tools to help neonatal doctors.

Neonatal Resuscitation

Fast calculations

Quick reference information for a neonatal crash call. Calculate intubation tube size/length, required drugs, UVC/UAC length/size.

Jaundice Checker

Plot bilirubin instantly

Plot your bilirubin levels on a digital chart and find out if treatment is required (NICE guideline driven).

Fluid Prescribing

Quick calculation tool

Work out how to prescribe fluid for a neonate, including usual additives and variable dextrose concentrations.

Pre-term Counselling Information

Concise information for doctors

Information to help neonatal doctors counsel parents about a new pre-term delivery. Links to Epicure and survival rates.

Dilutional Exchange in Neonates

Calculate fluid exchange requirements

Dilutional exchange calculator for neonates based upon Great Ormond Street polycythaemia guidelines.